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Indiana's Oldest Certified Organic Farm

Certified Organic Since 1989

Indiana’s Oldest Certified Organic Farm

Stranger’s Hill Farm is set in the beautiful, rolling hills of Northwestern Monroe County, Indiana. It was founded by Dale and Lee Jones and their infant son Stephen in 1983 as an organic produce farm. In 1989 it was certified organic by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, making it the oldest certified organic farm in Indiana.

A field with greens growing
small red and orange peppers

Starter Plants

In 1990 we added starter plants to the inventory of items for sale. It was an immediate success! Many customers commented on the fact that the plants from SHF would start growing as soon as they were put in the ground, unlike many of the more commercial plants they try.

We strive to sell only healthy, well grown, varieties of plants that gardeners are likely to have success with. Most of our plants were started from seeds in our greenhouses. Some of the herbs are grown from cuttings take from “mother plants” that we grow.

Because we grow most of our plants in 4” or larger pots, instead of the multi-celled packs, our plants have had more nutrients available to them. The larger pots also make it easier to keep them well watered since they hold water longer.





herb in a pot
small purple and white eggplant
yellow and green lined squash
hand holding a large red pepper