Greenhouse Plants

We strive to sell only healthy, well grown, varieties of plants

Browse our lists of the varieties we hope to have for the 2021 season. We can’t promise they will all make it to sale.

Sometimes poor germination means there aren’t any for sale. There can also be greenhouse accidents that take items off the list. I try to keep it updated.


We have one of the widest selections of herbs available. Stranger’s Hill was the first farm to ever sell basil at the market! Since then it has become a crop that everyone wants to grow.


In the last few years we have been branching out into more and more perennials. We try to select varieties that are deer and rabbit proof. We also look for varieties that are known to be successful. More and more natives have been added. The perennials are grown in deep quart sized pots that allow a healthy root structure to develop.


We sell many reliable annual varieties.  Over the past ten years more and more of the seeds for annuals have been coated with a covering that is not acceptable for organic certification.  Because of that our annual selection is more restricted than in the past.